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PLAN, Map & mANAGE your business

Map outdoor events and properties using the power of google maps and what3words. Measure, plan and track each object, staff & task and deliver the best experience.

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Why Choose MAPScaper?

Plan Faster
Visualize Tasks
Seasonal Planning

Measure Areas
Staff dot planning

Deliver Accurately

Track Equipment
Analyze Time
Adjust Rates

More Efficient
More Tasks
More Profit


Get a birds eye view of your full property map. Draw routes and areas, place equipment and crew all while our intelligent system puts together real-time reports and operational statistics unique to your map.

Your property map is your canvas, let the adventure begin!     

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Map and measure tasks and equipment from anywhere with an internet connection.


Utilize areas and routes to define your operational areas while placing routes to mange flow of crowds, vehicles, and more.


Designed for full event planning and management. Tools & features are easy to use and save time improving event planning efficiency.


Design your event site with all the services, facilities and equipment needed.

staff planning

Place your crew, security, media personnel and more exactly where you would like them complete with a what3words address.


Share view or edit permissions for each property enabling your team to be informed from office to field.


Mapscaper aims to make planning outdoor operations easier and enabling your team to be more efficient by providing a flexible mapping tool capable of plotting out almost any scenario. 


map style
equipment & infrastructure
site operations
staff dot planning
crowd management
vendor booth planning
scheduling & dispatch

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