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dot planning

Knowing your staffing levels, positions, and time schedule is critical to achieving good outcomes in any organization. Mapscaper enables you to deal with this in real time with pinpoint accuracy.

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advanced workforce planning

Every dot on the map can represent a member of your staff, each with their own position and access level. For maximum precision, it has been mapped to a what3words address.


With so many colour possibilities available, each position may have its own distinct style for better visibility.

staff list and schedule

Mapscaper's smart staffing tools produce a staff list as you plan out your personnel. You can enter start and finish times directly on the map. As roles are filled, enter personnel information and update the status.

In your property dashboard, export your staff list and specific work locations to a .csv file. Use this information for employee communication, payroll, or on-site tracking.



Mapscaper is 7 days free for new accounts

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