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equipment & infrastructure

Tents, toilets, garbage cans, barricades, and stages can all be created on your map with Mapscaper. Shapes, symbols, and colours together allow you to create all of the necessary equipment and infrastructure.

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easy equipment placement

Anyone can quickly draw out all of the equipment and infrastructure necessary for your business using drawing tools comparable to those found in ordinary applications.

Everything added to the map can be moved in real time, and its geolocation is recorded with a what3words address for pinpoint accuracy.

bill of quantities

As you design in Mapscaper, our intelligent platform automatically calculates and displays all equipment quantities you need to source from suppliers.


In your property dashboard, export your bill of quantities, measurements, and other data to a.csv file. Use this information for further processing, purchase orders, or on-site paper tracking.

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Mapscaper is 7 days free for new accounts

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