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Monthly Update - July 2022

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

This month was spent refining the app's various elements, marketing material, and launching a few new features.

✅ Added the ability to have custom map overlays visible on the map, great for adding updated imagery or indoor map layouts. (added by emailing image to support)

✅ Auto numbering of placed vendor booths.

✅ Ability to create your own map object templates. Create object templates once by adding dimensions and colors then re-use them across all your events, placing them right from the menu.

✅ PDF Screenshot export of your maps. Will download a PDF of your current view.

✅ Updated the getting started information to include your organization address. This helps with onboarding and searching new properties.

Look for us on social media sites, notably YouTube, where you can now discover videos from product tours, how-to tutorials, and new feature announcements as we continue to grow our marketing and support material.

The coming month will be spent enhancing minor aspects of the application, designing new map item marker symbols, onboarding our early users, and producing video material for both marketing and support. Perhaps a special feature will be included.🤐

If you have any comments or feature suggestions for Mapscaper, or if you just want to talk about events or software, please contact us at any time! 💙💚



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