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pick your features and love logistics again

All plans come with a 7-day free trial.


Price per user

$39 USD Per Month

Single user account

Max 5 events per user

Basic event mapping tools

Export data as .csv to excel

Easy to plan your first event

No term commitment

Export pdf maps

Share maps with view only 

Most popular


Price per user

$69USD Per Month

Multi-user account

Max 10 events per user

Share events with max 100 users having view or comment capability

Staff dot planning

Play by play event schedule planner

Custom map objects

Vendor booth management

Onboarding support


$550 USD Per Month

Includes admin 10 users

Unlimited events

Unlimited Sharing

Dispatch & task tracking

Coming Soon

Onboarding support & training

Personal account rep, technical support & training



Custom Icons & equipment

Custom features & integrations

Custom branding or white label product

Personal account rep, technical support & training

Onsite logistics & operational support

Remote map building assistance

CAD Image overlay import

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