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Industry experts recognize the necessity of first understanding, and then addressing, the environmental effect. Year after year, Mapscaper features help to materialize this data.

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plan out waste facilities  

Mapscaper makes it simple to create a waste management strategy within your map. Place receptacles for recycling, organics, and garbage quickly and simply. Transfers and large bin sites for off-site transportation

 Everything added to the map may be moved in real time, and its geolocation is recorded with a what3words address for pinpoint accuracy.

transit route & stop layout

Accessibility is always a priority, which is why Mapscaper provides tools for drawing up local and custom transport routes and stations for arranging arrivals and departures.

Taxi stands, car sharing locations, and electric vehicle charging stations may all be added to your map so that you can plan for any method of transportation.

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Mapscaper is 7 days free for new accounts

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