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vendor booth planning 

Vendor booths include a wide range of particular information and specifications. These characteristics are easy to track and adjust in real-time with Mapscaper's sophisticated vendor management capabilities.

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draw vendor booths with detail

Place and number vendor spaces and booths in any colour. Set the status and enter other details such as electricity, water, wifi, and so on.

You'll always be up to date with real-time updates. You can easily move and update status data without leaving the map.

export vendor list & requirements

In Mapscaper, all vendor booths are automatically recorded and displayed in the event details page, where you can also make changes to vendor information and status.


Export your vendor list to a.csv file, including location, name, and other specifications. Use this information for additional processing, accounting, or on-site tracking.

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Mapscaper is 7 days free for new accounts

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