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scheduling & dispatch

Your minute by minute, or play by play, as some call it, is critical to properly organizing deliveries, personnel, programs, and more. Mapscaper features allow you to incorporate this into your map.

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set & track in/out times

While developing your map, you can create and modify your schedule. Practically every item can have an in/out date and priority straight from the map view.


Mapscaper's smart scheduling and task management tools keep you informed of the status of your schedule and help you remain on track.

build your play by play

As you design in Mapscaper and add schedule information, our smart scheduling engine generates a sorted list of items for you to utilize as your play by play.


Analyze and export your schedule details, including quantity, location, and other information, to a .csv file. Use this information for further processing or on-site tracking.



Mapscaper is 7 days free for new accounts

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